Back To School Photo Contest

Aug 12, 2015 11:31:13 AM


We love to have our friends share their milestones with us here at Smocked Auctions! 

In honor of all the kids heading back to school, or for their first time, we are hosting a Back To School Photo Contest!

In order to win the $50 gift card to Smocked Auctions, you'll need to tag @SmockedAuctions AND ...

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National S'Mores Day

Aug 9, 2015 12:16:00 PM

National Smores Day

This National Holiday is just too tasty to miss! S'mores are one of those treats that no matter what age you are it's fun to do! Since it's still a little hot to be roasting the marshmellows on a campfire, we thought we'd share this fun activity to use the sun to your enjoyment!

Solar S'mores Ingredi...

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First Day of School Printables

Aug 6, 2015 5:51:09 PM

Milestones are important to celebrate! One of the largest milestones in our children's lives each year is their first day of school. We wanted to share some First Day of School printables that you can use to help make this milestone memorable for years to come!

 first day school printable

Click Here To Download Preschool
Click ...

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5 End of Summer Outfits To Love!

Aug 3, 2015 6:23:03 PM

Six Summer Outfits


Summer is still going strong and we wanted to go over what we consider our 6 Must Have Summer Essentials in our children’s wardrobe! There are so many options for children’s clothing today, it can be overwhelming when trying to pack a quick bag for a weekend getaway or a pool playdate. We put our h...

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5 Back to School Tricks For Kids!

Jul 31, 2015 9:55:00 AM

Five Back To School Tricks

1. Start routines earlier -- Try easing your child back into a routine two weeks ahead of school, including wake-up time and bedtime. Another trick- have your child do some pages from workbooks to get him/her in the homework flow. 

2. Order supplies the no-brainer way -- That crazy trip to Walmart or...

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5 Indoor Activities that TIRE KIDS OUT!

Jul 24, 2015 11:10:56 AM

5 Activities to Tire Kids Out
With the forecast for the rest of this week and weekend being well over 100 degrees, we figured this was the perfect time to share our 5 favorite Indoor Activities that will tire your kids out! 
#1 Build a Tent 
Getting the mind and body engaged is a great way to getting your kids active and moving ...
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National Lollipop Day- Lollipop Tree

Jul 20, 2015 12:19:40 PM


In honor of National Lollipop Day, we wanted to share a fun inside activity that will keep the kids busy today! This Lollipop Tree is a great addition to any birthday party, pool day, or slumber party. It can be used as a group or individual project and can be any size you need! We recommend not too...

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National Gummy Worm Day Popsicles

Jul 15, 2015 11:19:36 AM

National Gummy Worm Day

In honor of National Gummy Worm Day- TODAY July 15th - we wanted to share another fun summer treat to beat the heat! Our kids always have a great time making these summer treats- anything with candy involved! 

All you need is lemonade, gummy worms, and popsicle molds for a truly unique, fun themed su...
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Beat the Heat: Ice Cube Painting

Jul 13, 2015 3:31:47 PM

Ice Cube Painting 
Paint with Frozen Paint Cubes on a Hot Day! Here comes the 100 degrees heat! It's hard to imagine that today will be the first 100 degree day in Dallas! That means it's time to get creative and we have just the thing- Frozen Paint Cubes!
This is a great summer art project for kids on a hot day! 
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