New Smocked Auctions Website

DALLAS, March 1, 2014 - When Dallas moms Nicole Brewer and Amy Laws started selling children’s clothing from their dining room tables in 2010, little did they imagine that just four years later, they’d be running Smocked Auctions, one of the first, largest and most profitable businesses selling products primarily via Facebook and Instagram comments.

Nor did they expect to become one of the first businesses anywhere to combine traditional e-commerce with comment selling on social media (also commonly called “f-commerce”) into a single, integrated shopping experience - and to have developed the software themselves to make that happen...a feat the likes of hasn’t even accomplished.

“We’ve pioneered and proven that businesses can turn social media conversations and comments into actual sales dollars,” said Amy Laws, co-founder of Smocked Auctions. “Being one of the first to try to sell this way, we were free to make up the rules as we went along and test out things other online retailers weren’t doing.”

Last year, Smocked Auctions’ revenue topped $4.5 million - all of which was made via comments on Facebook and Instagram. Until just weeks ago, the business did not even have a website where they sold their Southern-style childrens clothing, most of which they design and manufacture themselves. With the launch of their new e-commerce site, as well as upcoming licensing partnerships with Southern Living magazine and collegiate sports, Smocked Auctions expects to bring in about $5.5 million in 2014.

“With this new technology and the merging of our social commerce and new e-commerce sales channels into a unified checkout process, our shoppers are now able to buy items in our Facebook and Instagram sales, and then add additional items to their cart from our website when they check out,” said Nicole Brewer, co-founder of Smocked Auctions. “The potential of merging these two sales channels is enormous for our business. Those additional purchases, which may be as small as selecting a hairbow from the website to go with a dress they bought on Facebook, can add up in a big way.”

Last year, shoppers bought more than 120,000 items by simply typing “sold” under photos that are posted as flash sales on Smocked Auctions’ Facebook and Instagram social media feeds. With the new e-commerce site, shoppers will be able to shop for select items any time.

“We expect our social media sales to always be the biggest part of our business, but after listening to our loyal customers, many of them wanted a way to buy our clothing and accessories as they need them for gifts and special occasions,” added Laws.

 About Smocked Auctions

Founded in 2010 by Dallas moms Amy Laws and Nicole Brewer, Smocked Auctions designs, manufactures and sells a wide variety of stylish and affordable Southern clothing and accessories for children. A pioneer of social commerce and Facebook comment selling, Smocked Auctions has quickly grown into a $4 million company with a Facebook fan base of more than 400,000 loyal shoppers. Smocked Auctions holds fixed-priced Facebook and Instagram auctions multiple times a week, selling more than 800 items per auction. Products are available online anytime at