Fathers Day, 2011
Like most new Dads, I didnt give much thought to how my children would dress, the nature of my involvement in that process, or what it might require financially. The prospect of hand-me-downs and gifts from other family members, specifically Grandparents, sounded just fine. My New Dad analytical skills told me my wifewas far better equipped to handle the management position in the kids clothing department at our house. I dont get many right, but almost 4 years later, those wordscould be engraved in understatement Hall of Fame.

The Genesis of Smocked Auctions
One of the many things that initially attracted me to my spouse was her work ethic. She was intelligent, professional and very committed. Of course, she was badly underpaidand completely overworked. And, in my opinion, the only one on the team that had any business acumen whatsoever. Still, as newlyweds, we enjoyed a comfortable dual-incomelifestyle with no children for 5 great years. Like many in the 2000s, we thought the economic prosperity and good times would never end. So, feeling good, we decided to tradeup for a bigger house in 2007 and start a family. The timing couldn't have been more, well, lets call it interesting.

The sequence of events that unfolded almost immediately after weclosed on our new residence felt like a bad movie script. Financial markets crashed, my former employer ceased to exist and the sudden loss of a beloved pet were among many unforeseen debacles. In 2009, with one small child already and another on the way, Id had enough of corporate America, and my wife had certainly had enough of me. It was timeto do something else, and sooner was better than later.

The Right Partner
Ive often heard that your children choose your friends, which sounded like a clich, until we had children. When my wife met her now best friend and future business partner,it was a direct result of having kids that were close to the same age. Id like to think it was all part of the master plan, but Im not that smart. The friendship bond that developsbetween women is much deeper than with men. Add motherhood to that equation, and you often get something very special. My wife will be the first to tell you, SmockedAuctions would never have worked without the right partner. I think the results are pretty exciting.

Life Changing
The best thing about Smocked Auctions are the devoted clients and fans. Thanks to social media, Smocked Auctions has been able to deliver a very high quality product, at a competitiveprice, with high-touch customer service. The Smocked Auctions community allows families to share their special moments with loved ones and other families across the country and acrossthe world. Were very proud of that, and feel privileged to be part of your lives. Thanks again for all your love and support, its been a life changing journey for our family. We think SA is prettyspecial, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. The best is yet to come at Smocked Auctions!
Happy Fathers Day!
One Smocked Dad