Yesterday we introduced you to our birthday girl, Rosie, and part one of her pink paisley first birthday party. Today Rosie's mom is back to tell us all about the fun details that made the party so special.

Tissue Tassel Garland 

My favorite decor elements were the tissue paper tassel garlands. I had originally seen them on Pinterest and thought they'd provide the perfect pop of color to our otherwise neutral backyard. As full time work-at-home and stay-at-home mom of two, I first contemplated buying them from Etsy because I didn't really think I had time to make them myself. Unfortunately, I'd need a few to make a statement and at 30 bucks a pop, it was more than I wanted to spend. Luckily I stumbled across this amazing tutorial (coincidentally, by my neighbor's friend, Jesyka D'Itri Mares). Mine didn't take as long or turn out as perfectly as hers, but then again, I'm not sure any craft I tried would turn out as well as hers. (Follow her on Instagram, she makes the cutest things.)

I chose tissue paper in white, light pink, matte gold and hot pink with sparkles and tied them on plain brown twine in color blocks for sort of an ombre look. We used the tassel garland behind the gift table, on our fence and as balloon tassels. The only bummer was that the store didn't fill our giant 36" balloons all the way so they had a hard time holding up the tassels.

Balloon Tassels 

We kept the rest of the party decor pretty simple. An antique window frame with a picture of Rosie from each month, flowers from our garden (with a few hot pink grocery store roses thrown in) and a pink monogrammed mirror. I made the "R" initial out of cardstock and glued on leftover white nonpareils from the donuts. Hanging it on the ivy covered fence by our pool gave it a cool Alice in Wonderland vibe. Not bad for a $5 thrift store mirror.

First Birthday Party Photo Display


I also made a little pink fabric bunting spelling o-n-e for the top of her smash cake and stenciled some quick white bunnies on kraft paper runners for the tables. Luckily, my parents were in town visiting to help with the projects and babysit. All in all, Rosie had a great time at her first birthday party and we had fun putting it all together. 

Smash Cake One Bunting Bunny First Birthday Party


Thanks for checking out Rosie's party! Did you have a favorite part? Think you might try your hand at a tissue tassel garland for your next event?

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