You know you're a smockaholic when the owners of SA get excited when you announce you're having another baby because that means they are set for life! - Sarah L.
You know you're a Smock-a-holic when you'e worried about how your military PCS will affect your shopping!! (No lie. We start our move next Thursday, and I'm already trying to figure out where we'll stop for the night to ensure I'm able to shop!! I've already been using my parents' address for shipping...I'm definitely hooked!) - Jennifer E.
My two know you're a Smockaholic when you're BFing during the auction and right clicking and pasting with your free hand while laying down :) - Brooke W.
You know your a smockaholic when you have your own custom children's line (no smocks though) and must still buy smocked dresses and bathing suits to "even out the closet". - Christen C.
You know you are a smock a holic when the mailman says the post office took a vote and you are the only person in the town of Slocomb that get this many packages on a non holiday!!!! - Hope Marie C.
You know you are a smockaholic when your child has three of the same outfit in his closet....all different sizes!!!! - Leah L.
You know you are a smockaholic when you just scheduled a childrens' portrait party at your home just so your little one gets to wear as many SA purchases as possible! :) - Laura F.
You know you are a Smockaholic when you skip dinner and drink wine through a straw so that you can refresh easier :) - Courtney B.

You know you are a smockaholic when you consider talking with your wife about adding a budget line item for SA! A preachers kid has to be well dressed! Haha. - Phillip W.