Ice Cube Painting 
Paint with Frozen Paint Cubes on a Hot Day! Here comes the 100 degrees heat! It's hard to imagine that today will be the first 100 degree day in Dallas! That means it's time to get creative and we have just the thing- Frozen Paint Cubes!
This is a great summer art project for kids on a hot day! 
How to make the frozen paint cubes:

Instead of just coloring ice cubes, we recommend freezing the entire cubes of paint with just a dash of water to top it off , we always use the Crayola washable paints, as it won’t stain clothing/floors, tables, etc- as long as you wipe it off!
Use whatever colors you want and for even more fun, try combining colors in one tray to have a swirl or a new color!
After you create your color choices, stick the tray of paint in the freezer for about 20 minutes and then added the craft sticks. After a couple of hours they should be ready to go, but make sure you wiggle the sticks prior to take them out to make sure they are completely frozen- otherwise they might slip off the stick. 
To start painting, you just pop them out of the container like you would a regular ice cube and let the heat of the sun do its work! The cube is your paintbrush!

(Don’t forget to slather sunscreen on the kids before heading out to paint!)

Amy & Nicole