Moms and babies get a lot of attention here on Smocked Auctions, but we never forget the guys behind the scenes - the dads! Thank you, Dads of Smocked Auctions, for allowing your wives to party with us on Tuesday and Thursday nights, your children to wear our smocked goodies, and your bank account to cover all the fun. We know many of you take care of bathtime, dinnertime, or bedtime so that your wives can bid in peace and for that we salute you! And for the few brave dads who get in on the bidding as well, we'd like to say - You have exceptional taste.

Here's what a few SA moms had to say about their husbands...

Here is a photo of twins Mackenzie and Cooper this past Wednesday with daddy who just got off a 7 month deployment with the USS Carl Vinson Aircraft carrier. We are SO excited to spend Father's day as a FAMILY!!! - Nicole Eisenberg

Here is a pic of my hubby (Chris) and our son (Ryland). Ryland is our first child & Chris had never really been around kids before so it was all new to him BUT he has taken it all in stride & is such an AWESOME makes me love him even more just seeing him with our son! Thanks for all you do! - Augusta Hale

The best daddy in the world who always remembers auction nights and never asks how much money mommy spends on my cute clothes. - Kelley Salewske & Meg

Daddy (Colby) & Drue in his monogrammed SA jon-jon! Love this pic!! - Kamie Kline

This is my husband Shawn and our son Graham in his monogrammed Smocked Auction jonjon! Shawn has worked tirelessly over the last two years to get his MBA at UVA while also working full time. He graduated last month and we are so proud of Daddy!! Can't wait to get another monogrammed item! -Paige Bobick

Favorite SA Quote: He said this two nights ago when for the second day in a row a white package showed up. "You know you have a problem right? Your a smock-a-holic" --said the great daddy after day two of receiving little white packages. - Laura Francis

Miles' daddy is McCarten and he is special to us because he takes excellent care of us. He works hard and doesn't mind helping out at home or with Miles. He is a wonderful daddy and we couldn't ask for better.He works at the sawmill that his family owns. He loves hunting, fishing and watching the races. Which how could he not...we live in the South. :-) Things he says about smocked auctions are "oh that's right you have one of those auction things tonight" and "there is another grey bag in the mail". - Kristin Elliott

Silas and his daddy! - Jennings Tisdale

Addy Jo in her seashell dress with Daddy. This daddy loves nothing more than to simply be at home with his family, and it shows! Our baby girl (12 months) says "Dada" all day while he's at work. She sure loves him!
Quote from him after me reading some comments to him on an auction night: "Those ladies are crazy." -Heather Bullock,Rockwall, TX

This is Tilly with her daddy, Mark. Mark loves the smocked outfits I buy for Tilly, so much so that he had to dig out this old shirt from when he was in college (20 years ago!) to take a matching picture with Tilly. I cant believe he still has it, but I'm not making him get rid of it if it means I can keep buying smocked auctions! :) - Jackie Mitchell-Evans

Here is a pic of my lovely husband (dave) and my two kids( my daughter in SA ) Maddie and Griffin for the fathers day blog ...He is the best dad in the world! Works so hard as a police officer so I can stay home and raise our children...I can not thank him enough for all he does for us, including funding our SA addiction. -Katherine Faucher

Love is a daddy who knows when to cry with you. Wil and his baby Vera are truly 2 peas in a pod. What an awesome daddy!- Laura Gibson

Camille's Dada is an internal medicine resident, who finishes up his residency this month! He has also been moonlighting at the clinic in the Harris County jail, so that Mama could stay home with Camille (and afford her lovely SA clothes;)). He is the hardest working Dad around and we love him so much! P.S. He also can't wait to start his new job in August, which means a lot more to spend on clothes...and more time with his girls, of course:) - Emily Mendler

V is the best dad because he makes up songs and sings them to sleep. - Lori Dao


We hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Father's Day weekend!