Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there who support your Smockaholic wives in the quest for the perfect smocked dress, monogrammed bubble, and appliqued longall. Bonus points to the dads who gleefully look for the the little white SA envelopes each day, insist upon seasonal smocked outfits for all holidays, and give high fives and hit Refresh on Tuesday and Thursday nights so your wife has a better chance of scoring that great outfit :)

Most importantly, we want to tell our husbands that we love them and thank them for giving us the best job in the world, being moms. They've given up a lot of time with us so we can take care of our second baby, Smocked Auctions. We knew things were never going to be the same when we started hearing them say things like, "Honey, where's that cute strawberry bubble?" and "Doesn't she have something with a monogram she can wear?" Russell and Chase, we love you and thank you for being such wonderful dads and husbands!!

Love, Amy and Nicole