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Fall provides such a fabulous backdrop for pictures. What are some unique ways to capture Fall photos of my kids this year?

Fall is by far one of the best times of the year, with the cool weather, gorgeous scenery, county festivals, holidays, and of course, fall portraits! If this isnt your first rodeo, then you are probably wanting to do something a little different from last year right? Well, I have listed four unique ways to capture your children this fall, so grab your camera and take notes!  
1. Change up their wardrobe.
If you have read any of my previous blog posts, or ever done a session with me, then you know how much importance I place on wardrobe. It makes or breaks your session; it determines the style, & feel of your get creative with it!
Dress your children in something they normally would not wear. Add an accessory that children normally wouldnt wear; for example, a large crochet chunky scarf on your four-year-old giving her look a mini Banana Republic feel, or an adorable pair of Wellington boots putting some edge in your sons images, buying a smocked outfit for your child with creative fun colors.
If you tend to dress your children in one certain color scheme, go with a color on the opposite side of the spectrum; avoid solids, and throw patterns together that have similar colors...experiment with layers~get funky with their outfits! If its one thing I always preach to my clients, its that bold colors and patterns are always best!  
2. Find your location first, then coordinate your childs outfit and props around that.
Try coordinating a theme shoot in a location that doesn't match; for example, if your location is next to a gorgeous old wooden fence in a field of tall wheatgrass, dress your child up...I'm talking satin dress, bow ties...the works! How fun would that collaboration be?? By doing something dramatic like that, you will take the focus off of the gorgeous location and put it onto your gorgeous child; plus, it's something different that people normally don't do. To me, that is always my goal~to stand out. So pick a location first, and brainstorm ways you can make it as dramatic as possible!  
3. Keep your props simple.
When you think of fall and Christmas portraits, you think leaves, gifts, Santa portraits, etc...but be careful! Props are great for shooting, but you can have too much of a good thing! Who wants a fall set up where the frame is cluttered with a ton of pumpkins, hay, scarecrows, leaves, etc....with your child sitting in the middle of the set? Not me.
The purpose of props is to enhance your portraits, not overpower them. Too many photographers use props as a crutch, so be careful that youre not taking the spotlight off of your child. Pick a gorgeous location, coordinate a wardrobe that POPS, and add one or two props to enhance the scenery! The dramatic effect will blow you away!
4. Finally, let them be children.
Put them down, and let them go (with boundaries, of course). Children love to explore and play...and that is exactly what you want them to do during a photo session! Capturing their personalities just as they are, in that moment...that is what makes your images priceless. There's really no better way to get candid shots of your child than to shoot as they play and interact with their environment...and true candid shots are always unique!  
Haley Gilreath is the owner of HWG Photography and currently resides in beautiful North GA at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. HWG Photography was founded in 2007, and Haley has been behind the lens every since. During the past four years, HWG has earned the reputation of North Georgias leading newborn photography studio; Haley is an award winning photographer whose work has been featured in child fashion magazines such as: Model Life Magazine, Sparkle Bebe Magazine, Sweet Grace Magazine, Moda Kids, and E*Claire Photography Magazine. She was named 'Best Newborn Photographer' by Sweet Grace Models in 2012 and Haley's unique, bold, and classy style is what makes HWG Photography innovative and inspiring. Haley specializes in: Maternity, Newborn, Child, and Family portraits. For more information, please visit!  
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