15 cool off under $15

With the heat staying this strong with no end it sight, we wanted to share 15 fun cool off activities all under $15! These are activities you can do at home, or ideas to overcome your cabin fever and get you out of the house. We hope you enjoy!


Read Books at the Library

So many of us get most of our information online that we've all but forgotten our public libraries. But on a hot day, it's helpful to remember that it contains hours of entertainment -  not to mention the free air conditioning. Check your local library to see if they host a Children’s Story Time too! 


Go Ice Skating

Ice skating isn't just a winter activity. Rinks are quite popular during the summer, especially for those with kids. You'll need to rent skates unless you already have them, but you can generally enjoy this activity for under $15. Tidbit- Make sure you wear thick socks or you might end up with some unwanted blisters! 


Water Balloon Pinata

Party games don’t have to be complicated…why not try this simple twist on a traditional pinata. The water balloon game is a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day.

 water balloon pints


Turn Your Backyard Into A Water Park

What better way to cure your kiddies boredom than with this homemade water park! It costs nothing to do, you don’t have to deal with crowds and everyone will have just as much fun as a trip out! We suggest combining some of these backyard water activities such as the balloon pinatas, sprinkler run through, slip & slide, kiddie pool!


DIY Slip & Slide

Slip and slide your way to a fun summer with this super easy DIY! All you’ll need is a tarp, a garden hose and for more fun add in just a touch of dish soap!



Make Your Own Popsicles

There are hundreds of popsicle recipes on Pinterest — find a few you like and try making your own! Don’t forget to check out our Ice Gummy Worm popsicles here


Homemade Sprinkler

This plastic bottle sprinkler is the perfect project for summer. Just hook it up to your garden hose and let the fun begin. Can also be a fun project for your kids prior to enjoying the fun! We found this easy "do it yourself" step by step!

 homemade water sprinkler

Water Gun Fun

What kid wouldn’t love the chance to squirt water at things? As long as it’s not aimed at you!

 water gun target
Image Via SavingCentByCent.com


Go to a Dollar Theater

Dollar theaters are the best way to see a movie on the cheap. These cinemas usually carry the latest films just a few weeks after they premiere at a regular box office, but cost much less so you can save more.


Tricycle Car Wash

This homemade car wash comes together quickly and easily… but we guarantee it will keep the little ones entertained for hours on end!

Tricycle car wash

Photo Via DesignMom.com 


Make Homemade Lemonade

Stock up on lemons and have the kids help squeeze them into lemonade. This refreshing drink always taste so much better when made from scratch!


Make Your Own Water Wall

With a few scraps and some recyclables, you can provide hours of learning with this fun water wall.

water wall

Photo Via ThingsToShareAndRemember.com

Stop By a Splash Park

Another option to get wet is a local splash park. Some offer splash pads with sprinklers and fun contraptions that spray water when you least expect it!


Bowl for Free

Kids can bowl 2 games for FREE every day throughout the Summer. Visit KidsBowlFree.com to see what alleys are participating.


Ice Cream In a Bag!

Talk about a fun hands on cool down treat! Here's a great how to video! 



We hope these help keep you cool during the end of this summer! As always, we love to hear your ideas and activities that we may not have mentioned! Just remember to tag @SmockedAuctions and #SmockedAuctions!


 Amy & Nicole