National Gummy Worm Day

In honor of National Gummy Worm Day- TODAY July 15th - we wanted to share another fun summer treat to beat the heat! Our kids always have a great time making these summer treats- anything with candy involved! 

All you need is lemonade, gummy worms, and popsicle molds for a truly unique, fun themed summer treat! Gummy worm popsicles are fairly straightforward to make and if your kids are old enough, they could definitely make them without much help from you (BONUS!).
You need exactly two ingredients to make these popsicles – gummy worms and lemonade. You could use any clear-ish juice or soda and another other candy, but since it is national Gummy Worm Day, we are sticking with them. You will also need some kind of popsicle mold. We really like the taller ones with the handle already ready to place in, but you could use any mold- even ice trays and use popsicle sticks for handles (just let the molds sit for 10-15 minutes in the freezer before you place the handles in). Another idea is to use paper cups and craft sticks.

The process is easy – fill your popsicle mold with gummy worms.  One Gummy Worm bag got us about 3-4 popsicles.  Make sure there is room to insert the stick - our kids were getting a little overzealous with stuffing the gummy worms into the molds! 

Next step is to carefully add the liquid. We used lemonade, so we could see the worms, but whatever you want will work- juice, soda, whatever your favorite is! Insert the sticks and stick them in the freezer.  Make sure they are in the freezer for at least 4 hours, depending on your freezer they may get done sooner, or may take a little longer.

Once they are frozen, remove from the trays and Bon Appétit! 
Tip: You might need to run the popsicles under a little hot water to get the popsicles to pop out of the molds.

• 1 bag of gummy worms for 3-4 popsicles
• Lemonade or other clear beverage (lemon-lime soda; white grape juice; etc)
• Popsicle molds
• Fill popsicle molds loosely with gummy worms.
• Carefully fill the popsicle molds with liquid.
• Insert popsicle sticks and freeze!
• You may need to run the popsicle molds under hot water to release the popsicles from the molds.

Amy & Nicole