In honor of National Lollipop Day, we wanted to share a fun inside activity that will keep the kids busy today! This Lollipop Tree is a great addition to any birthday party, pool day, or slumber party. It can be used as a group or individual project and can be any size you need! We recommend not too large for the kids to individually create- it's surprising how quickly the tree becomes bare with kids around!

First off, what you need:

- Flower pot
- Foam ball — make sure it fits nestles nicely inside your flower pot. We chose a smaller one so we didn’t have to use any glue to make it stay.
- Lollipops — We chose a big bag of Dum Dums, which worked out well.

Now it’s time to get started!

1. Place your foam ball inside the flower pot- Depending on the size of the ball and pot, you can use glue if you want. For this project we found it wasn’t necessary, the weight of the lollipops was enough to keep the ball in place.

2. Starting at the bottom of the ball — where it meets the flower pot, begin placing your lollipops in a line, varying color and flavor, and keeping them as close together as possible. Do make sure there is a little space in order for those little hands to pull one lollipop out!

3. Build up from that bottom layer, covering the ball completely with lollipops!

4. Give your kids a big hug as it also is Global Hug Your Kids Day and Enjoy! 



Amy & Nicole