5 Activities to Tire Kids Out
With the forecast for the rest of this week and weekend being well over 100 degrees, we figured this was the perfect time to share our 5 favorite Indoor Activities that will tire your kids out! 
#1 Build a Tent 
Getting the mind and body engaged is a great way to getting your kids active and moving together. Building a tent is something that can last for hours with the right size blankets and creativity. Move furniture around to allow for a room size tent for long lasting fun and then have them put it back together when they are done.
#2 Indoor Obstacle Course 
Yes, up to a certain age, we do allow our children to run in the house if the weather doesn’t allow them to get outside. With the use of painter’s tape, you can create an obstacle course up and down the hallway that will get your children feeling like spies working to avoid the laser beams, as the navigate from one side to the other.
Obstacle Course Indoor
#3 Pillow Fights
There is NOTHING that can get your children into moving than a good old pillow fight. Be sure to set rules before starting to ensure no one hits down on the head of someone else, or that can cause some injuries. Aim for the belly and having fun!
Pillow Fight
#4 Active Board Games
The first game that comes to mind that can work out the body is Twister! Getting the kids moving with the classics: Charades, Simon Says or Mother May I! 
 Kids Twister
#5 Pillow Case Race
After the pillow fight, our kids love to get into the pillow cases and race throughout the house! We recommend using painters tape for an official “start” and “finish” line and a stopwatch so the kids can race against the clock as well!
Do you have a fun indoor activity that is your go-to during these hot or rainy days? We’d love to hear from you and to feature it here on our blog to share with other parents! 
Amy & Nicole