Wow! You guys are awesome. I posted this question on our Facebook page today and got so many great responses. I thought I'd share them here for your use.

We are about to spend some time at the doctor's office, any apps you would recommend for an iPhone for a 2/3 year old?
Your favorites:

Also mentioned:
ABC123, Angry Birds,Animal Sounds, Animatch, Chunky Monkey, Disney Memory, Disney Princess Stickers, Doodle Buddy, Dr. Seuss, Duck Duck Moose, Fruit Ninja, Kideo, Kidmode, Magic Piano, Monkey Preschool When I Grow Up, Netflix, Old MacDonald, PBS, Phone Tap, Read Me Stories, Scouts ABCs, Sprout Player, Starfall, Tozzle, Weet Woo, Zebra Paint

Did we miss your favorite iPhone/iPad app for kids? Please share it in the Comments!