Looking for some new Thanksgiving table ideas this year? Why not make decorating your table into a family affair! Prep for your perfect centerpiece!

Take your family along to a local Pumpkin Patch to find small goodies for your table. Let everyone pick their favorite small/medium size pumpkins, squash, and gourds. The more colorful the better! These will make a great focal point along your table and around your Thanksgiving dishes.

Once you have your main setup, head outside for a neighborhood scavenger hunt and see what you can find! Pinecones, leaves, twigs and acorns are a great filler to sprinkle around your centerpiece.

Mix up your decor by adding a Thanksgiving activity! Get your family and friends involved by asking them to write down and display what they are thankful for. Or find a fun craft project! Have your guests decorate brown paper bags with their best turkey designs, later use their bag to take home some delicious left overs!

And of course, if you ordered your children's Thanksgiving outfits from Smocked Auctions, the cutest addition to your table will be your little ones!

Thanksgiving Customer Photos

We hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and can’t wait to see what your table may look like! #SAThankful


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