Six Summer Outfits


Summer is still going strong and we wanted to go over what we consider our 6 Must Have Summer Essentials in our children’s wardrobe! There are so many options for children’s clothing today, it can be overwhelming when trying to pack a quick bag for a weekend getaway or a pool playdate. We put our heads together to decide on what we as parents are the ‘go-to’s for most of our adventures and hope this helps you for your next summer excursion!

1. Summer Throw On- Everyone needs that “go to” throw on smock, dress, or shorts outfit- even the kiddos! Make sure it’s breathable in the summer heat, but sturdy enough for kids summer adventures! We absolutely love anything nautical for summer style, it’s great to have a few “shore” things in your lineup! Take a look at our comfy sailboat blue plaid set and Red Sailboat dress!

 Summer Dress

2. Shorts- Make sure your active kiddos have many pairs of shorts this summer, as some of those actives will definitely catch up with them and you! Let them enjoy their booty-sliding adventures on all types of hills- grass, dirt, gravel, and concrete!


3. Sandals- For splashing around in all of those summer shower puddles! Easy to put on and take off, these sandals are great for traveling, playing in the backyard, or a trip to the pool!


4. Spare Swimsuit- We couldn’t pick just one of our swim suits this year as our favorite! Which works out just fine, as we all know as parents- always have a spare!


5. Outdoor/Indoor Loungewear- Summer is the time for backyard slumber parties, movie nights at the local park, and surprise evening trips to the ice cream parlor to make those unforgettable summer memories! 


6. Summer Sweater- Running around outside all summer would be great, but we all need the break from the heat. Make sure you have the right Summer Sweater for those Air Conditioned adventures! 


Best part is that most of these items, or similar items, are available on our website! These key six summer essentials will help make the rest of your summer a breeze!

Amy & Nicole