Five Back To School Tricks

1. Start routines earlier -- Try easing your child back into a routine two weeks ahead of school, including wake-up time and bedtime. Another trick- have your child do some pages from workbooks to get him/her in the homework flow. 

2. Order supplies the no-brainer way -- That crazy trip to Walmart or another big box store is always hard, and somehow always gets done at the last minute for us! Save yourself some time - and sanity - buy online! Some of our favorites include Amazon, Overstock, and Target. Also, Amazon recently started Amazon School Lists, a new way that teachers are able to create classroom needs and can share links with parents. 

3. Organize the kids' mornings -- Get your kids up and moving with a "Morning List" which you can place on your child's bedroom door to help keep them on track in the morning. Have a list of "to dos" to help keep them focused on getting ready! 

am list example 

4. Do a backpack swap -- This is a fun get together that can bring kids together prior to the start of the school year. We've seen an entire class have a "backpack swap" day in which everyone brings in their perfectly good shape backpacks and swap theirs out. Kids inevitably want new backpacks at the start of the school year, so this is a fun pre-day one school event!

5. Food Prep -- Reward your kids for starting to get up and getting chores done prior to the school year begining by allowing them to choose a special snack they will get for the first month of school! Don't allow them to get into the snacks until day one of school - this always encourages them to be looking forward to that first day of school! 

These tricks have always helped us get our kids prepared and excited for the back to school transition that every parent has to go through!

Have any other tricks that work for your kids? We'd love to hear them below in the comments!


Amy & Nicole