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I love chocolate & peppermint together so when I found a cake mix cookie recipe that included Oreo's & peppermints I knew that I would have to try it out and I wasn't disappointed with the recipe at all! 

Oreo Peppermint Crunch Cookies from Smocked Auctions Aunt Ana #12DaysOfChristmasCookies

Oreo Peppermint Crunch Cookies

Recipe from Inside BruCrew Life

 Oreo Peppermint Crunch Cookies from Smocked Auctions Aunt Ana #12DaysOfChristmasCookies


1 box white cake mix

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My dad was born in Germany and so we have a lot of Christmas traditions that they brought over. One of those traditions is my Omi hides these fun chocolate ornaments  over the tree and my sister & I would try to find them all over the tree and eat them all morning!

 Lebkuchen from Smocked Auctions Aunt Ana #12DaysOfChristmasCookies

Another tradition that I love are ...

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Every year at Christmas time there is a group of us girls that get together to make Christmas “Candy”; even though it isn’t really candy. It’s just several different items that we dip in chocolate (because if there’s chocolate in it, it has to be candy!  

Christmas Candy Bark from Smocked Auctions Aunt Ana #12DaysOfChristmasCookies

Well one year we were running out of chocolat...

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Cake mix cookies are one of my absolute favorite cookies to make not only because they are SUPER easy to make and there are tons of different options you can make them into but also because they are a delicious mix between a cake & cookie.

Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Smocked Auctions' Aunt Ana #12DaysOfChristmasCookies

I found this recipe a couple of months ago and could not wait...

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Every Christmas morning we wake up to the smell hot chocolate, bacon and fresh cinnamon rolls in our house and any other time of the year that I have cinnamon rolls it always takes me back to that time!

 Aunt Ana's Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies from Smocked Auctions #12DaysOfChristmasCookies

These cinnamon roll sugar cookies are definitely going to be added to my Christmas Cookie list fr...

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I LOVE white chocolate and I LOVE soft-baked cookies! This recipe combines both of these things and it throws in the delicious tartness of cranberries!

 Aunt Ana's Soft White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies from Smocked Auctions #12DaysOfChristmasCookies

These are a great cookie for any Christmas party you are hosting or going to and I can guarantee that there won’t be any leftover! J  


Soft-Baked Wh...

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So this cookie goes by many names but in my family we call it "Christmas Crack" because you can’t just have 1 piece and you always keep coming back for more! I’ve made 2 batches in the last 3 days to bring into the office and it’s all pretty much gone!!!

Aunt Ana's Christmas Crack - From Smocked Auctions #12DaysOfChristmasCookies

I also love this recipe because it is SO easy...

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To me mint & chocolate remind me of Christmas, that coolness of the mint and sweetness of the chocolate are SOOO good!

Aunt Ana's Chocolate-Mint Thumbprints #SmockedAuctions

One of my favorite chocolate mint cookies are the Andes Crème De Methe Cookies (you can find the recipe for them on the back of the package of Andes Mint Bits) but when I came across...

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Hey SA Fans … Just like Miss Jingles, I’m back!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe for y’all so I thought I’d make up for it by bringing y’all 12 Days of Christmas Cookies that include some of my favorite family classics and some new finds!

Candy Cane Blossoms

First up is one of my families’ favorites. Growin...

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The First Day

Aug 25, 2014 11:22:42 AM

Everyone says it will.  It does.  In a flash, it is 8am and both of my children are in “big” school for six hours.  Selfishly, I used to long for these days.  What would it be like to have six hours uninterrupted to do what I wanted to do?
5 Years Ago 
Natalie Anne started Kindergarten today and Charles starte...
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